2019 Chapter Approved for Warhammer 40k

Contains the following, along with general balance changes and points cost modifications:

  • Ways to play Open War, a sort of variant to regular games with cards determining the particulars of your objectives. This also comes with a means to quick-build armies, though that's not going into the various options some kits get.
  • Spearhead: A narrative play variant focusing chiefly on fielding lots of vehicles, complete with its own missions and stratagems.
  • Linked Games, which let you tie together Kill-Team matches, standard games, and Apocalypse fights as one narrative.
    • Linked Battles have the separate matches instead affect each other as they progress.
  • Challenge Missions: Essentially missions that are less even, more for narrative purposes than competitive.
  • Stats for all the Slaanesh units that AoS introduced. Essentially giving a more easily-accessed venue for them than a White Dwarf issue.
    • Stats for the setpieces

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